Volunteering – On-site

  • Assembly Team – We need a team the same morning, before the doors open at 10:00. We have to put up the tables and posters, set up the various stage elements and help the “Makers” in their kiosk installation.
  • Home of Volunteers and Makers – You will be on the front line. You will have to assist the “Makers” and volunteers when they arrive, direct them to their site and provide them with the necessary documents.
  • Reception and Ticketing – You will be the first thing visitors will see as you sell tickets, confirm sales and direct guests. Smile, patience and a sense of humor are required!
  • Happiness Team  – You will need to make sure that everyone is well taken care of. You will ensure the well-being of all and may be called to replace a “Maker” for his small break.
  • Stage Team – You will be responsible for everything that happens on the stage. Technical experience required.
  • Information Booth – Respond to questions from the public regarding the event and location of booths. You will also be called to walk on the site.
  • First Care – You will understand … Essential certification!
  • Great Recycling Team – Ensure that all recycling stations are functioning properly and promote them to visitors. The event is as green as possible !!
  • Crowd Control and Security – Ensure you safe the crowd and keep an eye on inappropriate behavior.
  • Pickup Team  – When the game is over, there is still work. You will have to help the “Makers” to repatriate their equipment, facilitate the dismantling of the site, roll cables and clean the site.

Ready for action?

If you require additional information, you can contact the Volunteer Coordinator:  volunteers@makerfairemontreal.ca