Coverage of Montreal Mini Maker Faire 2012


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The Need to MAKE!

by [EN]

Some of the Makers at Montreal’s first-ever Mini Maker Faire tell us “Why is it important for them to MAKE?”. The filming was done as part of a media project whose mandate is to tell stories whenever hands, tools and materials converge.

Experience MTL Sur l’esplanade du Stade Olympique

by [FR]

Maker Fair celebrates DIY

by CTV Montreal: What’s On [EN]

Christine Long interviews Makers preparing for Montreal’s first Mini Maker Faire and reports on this initiative that turns regular folk into creators.

Music and the Mini Maker

by CTV Montreal: What’s On [EN]

Camille Ross reports on what’s drawing Montreal families to a festival that combines construction with music.

Montreal Mini Maker Faire

by CUTV [FR]

Creators and inventors come together to this one place to make something new for the future generations. See children interact with robots, learn to solder and see the building of a giant replica Brooklyn Bridge from K’nex.

Mini Maker Faire – Montréal 2012

by fabLab Québec [FR]

From Robots to yarn bombing to 3D Printing and paper aeroplanes, Makers of all sorts have come together at Montreal’s first Mini Maker Faire, putting on workshops and displays.

Montreal’s First Mini Maker Faire

by Bazmarc [EN / FR]

A video filmed by my AR.Drone 2.0 near the end of the event when there were less people to crash into.

L’échoFab au Mini Maker Faire

by ÉchoFab [FR]

With a lego Wall-E robot, a 5m tall replica of the Brooklyn Bridge and many other fascinating projects, Montreal’s inaugural Mini Maker Faire had something for everyone, for children of 4yrs to 84yrs!


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CBC All in a Weekend August 25, 2012 [EN]

Mini-Maker Faire in Montreal

Montreal’s holding a quilting bee this weekend. Not the usual kind, but a digital quilting bee. It’s called the Mini-Maker Faire and while Maker Faires are popping up around the world now, this is a first for Montreal. Other descriptions of the event include ‘a futuristic arts and crafts” fair – and the ‘greatest show-and-tell on earth.” But that’s still pretty confusing, so we invited in Danielle Dyson, the local organizer, to explain.

Daybreak Montreal from CBC Radio: August 27, 2012 [EN]

The future of school boards in Quebec, hear the debate from both sides. Jeanette Kelly is back on arts and takes us to the first edition of Maker Faire Montreal. Plus Jay Turnbull and David Blair.

CKUT HERSAY August 15th, 2012 [EN]

Interview with Dannielle Dyson, talking about Montreal’s First Mini Maker Faire.

CKUT XX Files August 22, 2012 [EN]

Interview with Dannielle Dyson, talking about Montreal’s First Mini Maker Faire.

CBC Homerun August 22, 2012 [EN]

Interview by Pierre Landry In honor of Marc-Andre Bazergui’s participation in Montreal’s first Mini Maker Faire with his robots made from LEGO Mindstroms.

CBL L’Escouade M August 30, 2012 [FR]

Le Mini Maker Faire de Montréal

In the first part of the Festival ExperienceMtl, esplanade Olympic Park was invaded by “makers” of all kinds. Who are they? Artisans and hackers who are out of their basement to present their creations in broad daylight! On the menu: robots, video games, appliances and other gadgets!


Press Coverage

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The Gazette [EN]

By Kathryn Greenaway, August 23, 2012

First ever Montreal Mini Maker Faire comes to Olypmic Stadium Aug. 25 and 26

La Presse [FR]

By Alain McKenna, 6 August, 2012

Le Québec à l’heure de «l’économie 3.0»


By Jackie Irvine, 22 August, 2012

Maker Faire Celebrates DIY Gadgets


By Erik Leijon, 24 August, 2012

The Game You Need To Play At Maker Faire

Le [FR]

By Etienne Plamondon-Emond, 24 August, 2012

Un happening qui s’annonce décoiffant

Openfile [EN]

By Sarah Leavitt, 24 August, 2012

Celebrating DIY culture with Maker Faire

Huffpost Living Canada [EN]

By Natalia Yanchak, 20 August, 2012

As Music Gets Apathetic, I’m Looking for Other Creative Outlets

Thot Cursus [FR]

By Cécile Chandran, 28 August, 2012

De grands talents à la Mini Maker Faire de Montréal

Blog Posts

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By Sabrina Merlo 22 August, 2012

Montreal Mini Maker Faire: Meet The Buttonmashers

Worldgnat [EN]

By Peter Davoust, 27 August, 2012

Maker Faire Was Awesome

DIY Drones [EN]

By Dany Thivierge, 28 August, 2012

Montreal Mini Maker Faire – updates and pictures

Openfile [EN]

By Sarah Leavitt, 24 August, 2012

Celebrating DIY culture with Maker Faire

Digital Crusader [EN]

By Eric Boyd, 27 August, 2012

Montreal Mini Maker Faire

echoFab [FR]

By echoFab, 10 September, 2012

Retour sur le Mini Maker Faire de Montréal

Robotgrrl [EN]

By Erin Kennedy, 28 August, 2012

RoboBrrd at Montreal Mini Maker Faire was a BLAST!

Carlitos’ Contraptions [EN]

By Carlos Asmat, 2 September, 2012

Montreal Mini Maker Faire 2012

Working Hands Project [EN]

By Richard Burman, 1 September, 2012

Get Excited and MAKE Things

Bazmarc [EN]

By Marc-André Bazergu, 25 August, 2012

Montreal’s First Mini Maker Faire [EN]

By Mel Lefebvre July, 2012

Hands-on Science & Technology Fair

Montreal Mini Maker Faire 2012 PosterPRESS RELEASE: August 2012

Montreal Mini Maker Faire

Download the Press Release and Poster.

Montreal part of global movement with inaugural Mini Maker Faire, Parc Olympique, August 25th – 26th. more

It’s been called everything from a digital quilting bee, to the Greatest Show and Tell on Earth. In the last six years, since the first Maker Faire was held in California, this futuristic arts and crafts fair has become a global phenomenon. The World Maker Faire in New York City draws over 100,000. While small, community driven “Mini” Maker Faires have moved from North American suburbs, to Europe, Asia, and even as far as Cairo.

On the weekend of August 25-26, Montreal will host its inaugural Mini Maker Faire on esplanade of the parc Olympique. This family friendly event, sponsored by Ubisoft, Greenland Productions, and O’Reilly Media, will bring together enthusiasts across the spectrum of technology, from high to low. Robot makers, 3D printer enthusiasts, engineers, and aviation specialists will join knitters, woodworkers, and solderers to put on an expo that will inspire, teach and entertain. Above all the Maker Faire encourages people of all ages to risk the frustrations and experience the joy of making stuff.

For more information please visit our website If you would like to feature, or cover the event, organizers and participants are available over the next few weeks for interviews and/or photo shoots. Hope to see you there!

Parc Olympique Sat-Sun 12-6pm Tickets: $6 at the door.

The press conference and media presentation was held on Wednesday 13th June with ExpMtl.

Please contact our Media Coordinator if you have any questions regarding Montreal Mini Maker Faire