The Cheapest Way to Rent a Car: 9 Tips

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what kind of traveler you are. All that you might need is to sit back and allow others drive you to your desired location. However, when going for car rental services, obviously you won’t love to pay more for a car rental than its usual cost. Whether you are looking for a Vaughan car rental service for your leisure trip or business trip doesn’t matter much, unless you get a good deal out of it.

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Money Saving Tips

Do you want to save some money on your next car rental? Well, you don’t need to shell out any extra money for your next car rental, with the help of some following tips.


  1. Considering Budget Rentals

Small and lesser known Vaughan car rental companies in order to tap in customers offer lower rates for car rentals. Frequent travelers can easily take advantage of the lesser known brands in order to travel at a cheaper rate. Thus, they would be able to easily save their money.

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2. Comparison

Before jumping into the car rental market in order to book a car from a premium car rental company, one should compare their available options. Using sites like Kayak can help travelers to get a lot of information about car rentals.

3. Skip the Airport

Renting from the airport is very appropriate when going to a new city for a vacation. However, airport renting always come with a price. You will need to pay the airport surcharges. So if you book a car from the downtown Vaughan car rental it would cost you less.

4. Using Membership

In order to save money on car rentals, one can use their membership cards. For instance, membership card of the federation club can help one to save money on their next booking or on drivers. Hence, one can use their membership card for availing deals.

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5. Sticking to One Driver

Most car rental companies can charge extra money for adding extra driver. The driver’s fee can vary from one location to another. However, the fee can be easily ducked in case both spouses have same address on the driver’s license.

6. Economy Cars

Going for economy cars can help one to opt for cheap transportation system. For instance, when renting a car from Vaughan car rental, one can book a small car that is affordable. There is no need to go for a high-end car when you are not going to use the features like Wi-Fi.

7. Forgo the Extras

If you don’t go for the extra benefits, such as GPS navigation, insurance etc provided by the car rental companies, you can easily save a lot of money.

8. Skipping Prepaid Gas

It would be better if one skips the fuel-service option provided by Vaughan car rental companies. Although they won’t tell you, it would be better if you do a research.

9. Walk

Another sure shot way through which you can save a lot is by skipping the rental altogether. Or, you can take public transportation for exploring the place.

Renting a car won’t be a frustrating experience anymore. You can easily save money with the help of these 7 tips on car rental.


Bullet Proof Cars Will Help You Evade Small Dangers and Attacks

Is the world a safe place to live in? Most probably you would say ‘No’. Over the last few decades there has been a huge rise of untoward incidents which can be seen in the form of terror attacks, blast, sabotage, and so on.

Not only that the deadly weapons that are used to fight war against enemies is being misused by a terrorist or anti-social elements in order to create s tense and hostile situation. Thus, in order to remain safe all time while traveling, the demand of bullet proof cars is increasing rapidly.

Bulletproof Vehicles: A Necessity

If one takes a close look into various news report it can be seen that while traveling through high-risk zones or through war conflict zones, many important persons become the centre of attack. Often, important personnel’s like government officials or ambassadors or VIP’s become soft target of anti-social elements and terrorist groups. While they can have complete level of protection within their home but they need to travel to various places for personal and professional reason.

Does this mean that because of security threat they should stay inside the house all time? Not really? They can easily travel safely and securely just by traveling in bullet proof cars. After all bulletproof vehicles are designed in such a way that it is properly armored and provides high quality protection. This is not possible with a normal car. The best thing about bullet proof vehicles is that it can ensure safe protection while transporting in them.

bullet proof cars

How The Vehicles Are Protecting Clients?

The first thing that a people think about an armored car or a bulletproof vehicle is that they are bulky pieced of vehicle that comes with a lot of restraints and is used to carry cash and valuables. People don’t understand that bulletproof vehicles can also be used for personal transportation as well. They can easily convert their luxurious SUVs or Sedans into an armored car. Thus, depending on the level of protection armoring can be done. In most cases they are highly armored so that it can protect the occupants from grenade attack and any kind of assault.

If you are interested to learn the ways through which bullet proof cars can protect you, go through rest of the blog.

Body: Basically, every parts starting from seats to doors are removed in order to start armoring. The body of any armored vehicle is made up of galvanized and stainless steel. The steel is hardened. In this way, it becomes capable of withstanding corrosion and high heat. It is also made ballistic resistance.

Tires: Coming to tires of bullet proof cars, it must be noted that run-flat tires are installed. This ensures that even after being hit by a bullet it can run few miles and take the occupants to safe location.

Glass: Generally, bulletproof glass is used for armored vehicles. The armoring density depends on protection level. Usually, thick bulletproof glass should be used in order to remain protected from bullet shots of high caliber.

The high rate of violence and terror attacks has increased the demand and use of bullet proof cars among people. When one is having an armored car by their side there is no need to worry about the safety issues. Read more on how cars have changed over in the past 10 years!

5 Exotic Custom Limousines From Around the World

Limousines are considered to be a luxury vehicle. They come with upgraded interiors and high-end amenities so that the luxury and comfort doesn’t get compromised. Now, one gets to a wide range of limousines in the market. However, it was in 1985, that the longest limousine made its debut and it was dubbed as the “The American Dream”. It was built by Jay Ohrberg.

Just like the “American Dream”, nowadays many limo manufacturers are coming up with custom limousines. The limos come with high-end features in them just like the debut limousine. In fact, the car built by Jay featured a Jacuzzi, a king-sized water board, a diving board, and a helicopter landing pad. Doesn’t it sound interesting?

Although, one won’t get such high-end features in a modern limousine in today’s age; still, customers can get other accessories installed.

custom limos

Check Out the Top 5 Limousines

Are you interested to take a look at the top custom limos from all over the world? Just go through the rest of the blog.

  1. Triple Axle Eight-wheel Hummer

Looking to spend a memorable night with your friends or loved one in custom limousines? You can travel in style and luxury in this limo. It comes with two VIP lounges, a disco and a sound system which won’t match any nightclub. The appeal of the Hummer has been taken to a next level by enhancing the exteriors. For instance, it comes with scissor doors.

Triple Axle Eight-wheel Hummer


    2. Chevrolet Corvette Limousine

Chevrolet is a very well-known name within the automobile industry. Any generation would desire to own this car at certain point of time. After all, it is coming with innovations at every level. The Corvette limousine offers a disco floor, fiber optic light, an electric fireplace, and a stainless steel ceiling. Also, the height of the vehicle can be easily adjusted with a remote.

Chevrolet Corvette Limousine

   3. NASCAR Themed Limousine

This kind of custom limousines is readily available from a US-based Racing Limo franchise. If you wonder what makes this limo so special, check it out. The seven flat screens and a PlayStation console make the limo very special.

Even if one is not so much a gaming aficionado, one can get enjoy karaoke with friends. One won’t need to worry about driving as professional chauffeur would drive the car to its destination.

Rolls Royce Serenity

   4. Rolls Royce Serenity

Custom limousines created by Rolls Royce are named as Serenity. The limo is painted with an expensive paint. The paint offers a pearl-like shine. The interior of the car comes with hand-painted and kitted blossom motif on the silk. It can be considered as an exquisite limo with bespoke interiors.

   5. Batmobile Limousine

Comic fans might consider Batman’s Batmobile to be an ideal limo. Apart from being heavily armored, it comes loaded with gadgets. If one gets this kind of limousine, one would feel like taking the superhero’s role instantly.

Even if custom limousines come with tailored features, it can be very exciting to get hold of any of these limos. Now, limo manufacturers are coming up with fully decked limos with dance floors, DJ booths, and many more things to keep the occupants entertained.